Research Fellow at the Dirpolis Institute – CDG Lab, and the Institute of Management – SUM Lab. She is currently working on  governance and planning  for sustainable cities and communities.

She holds a degree in Philosophy of Science from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (2003); a Master in Environmental Communication from the University of Pisa – Human and Environmental Sciences Department (2004); and a PhD in Political Science from the Scuola Sant’Anna (2009).

She has been visiting researcher at The Open University – Geography Department, UK (2007); the Universitè Paris “La Sorbonne” – SciencePo, France (2011);  the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU, Germany (2012); and the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ghent University, Belgium (2013).


Chiara has been Post-doc Research Fellow (2010-2013) and Research Fellow in environmental politics at the Scuola Sant’Anna (2009); Research Fellow in rural development at the Department of Economics, University of Pisa (2005); and Research Assistant in urban environmental sustainability at the Province of Rome (2005).

She served as consultant and worked as internal with environmental NGOs (Legambiente, Greenpeace, ASud and Fondazione dei Diritti Genetici) and the National Institute of Statistics, Structural Business Statistics Dep. (2010-2012).

Chiara’s research  lies at the junction of the two macro areas  of Science, Society & Technology studies and Space, Society & the Environment. She is interested in innovative modes of geographical production, planning and governance performed by heterogeneous, multilayered and multiscalar networks. Key questions refer to how these networks assemble and negotiate socio-environmental issues, and how the material and semiotic implications of their agency is brought to the public fore.

Principal research topics include: the role of new ICTs in urban sustainability governance; the politics of space and place; the social understanding of nature and technology (including current developments in environmental theory); the effects of informal urban planning practices. From a methodological point of view Chiara works on Material Semiotic and Participatory science & politics approaches (particularly Action Research).

Currenly, Chiara is  adjunct professor in Cultural Geography  at the Department of Science for Peace – University of Pisa and, since january 2016, she serves as Director of the IRTA Leonardo – Research Institute on Territory and Environment, supported by the University of Pisa and the Scuola Sant’Anna.

She collaborates  as Affiliate member with the Open Space Research Centre at The Open University, Milton Keynes;  she is Alumna of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU, Munich and  Fellow of the  Earth System Governance Research Network, Lund University.




2014/15; 2015/16 









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Current projects


“Tourism and Heritage Uses of the Mediterranean Coast Adjacent to Risk Industry” (THUMCARI), Laboratoire méditerranéen de sociologie, CNRS


“La Regione Toscana verso Expo2015″, Toscana Promozione – Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies


“Urban gardening and socio-political commitment in mid-cities. The case of Ghent“ in COST Action TU 1201 “Urban Allotment Gardens”


“Gardening Rome. Exploring public space transformation from the accidental city to informal planning practices” in COST Action TU 1201 “Urban Allotment Gardens”


“Ejolt- Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade”, FP7 project. ASud. Ecology and Cooperation team


“Corporate social responsibility & Human Rights“, University of Pisa, Dep. of Economics and Management




Myriam Bartolucci “I conflitti ambientali come forma di percezione e azione territoriale. Il caso toscano dell’ estrazione del marmo della Alpi Apuane, nella provincia di Massa Carrara”, MA, Science for Peace- University of Pisa


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Current affiliations


2015  Affiliate member Open Space Research Centre, The Open University

2014  Fellow Earth System Governance Network

2014  Consultants network IRPET

2012  Alumna, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU, Munich

2012  Editorial board of “Political Theory, Culture and Social Critic” book series, Pensa Multimedia

2010  Fellow, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

2009  Editorial board Locus.Rivista di cultura del territorio

2007  European Consortium for Political Research – Green Politics Standing Group

2007  Political Studies Association, Global Justice and Human Rights Specialist Group

2003  ASud. Ecologia e Cooperazione

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