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There are several ways to collaborate with Leonardo-IRTA.

If you are a student: you can apply for an internship (for more information please check, in Italian).

If you are a lecturer/teacher/professor: you can work with us on projects related to your subject or field of interest.

If you are a private association, istitution or a firm: you can work with us on projects related to your activity or business.

If you are a school: we can collaborate to the development of educational and training projects.

Via Pasquale Paoli 15
56126 Pisa


tel +39 050 2215410
fax +39 050 2215537

Certified e-mail (PEC):

Leonardo - Istituto di Ricerca sul Territorio e l'Ambiente  

Via Pasquale Paoli, 15 - 56126 Pisa  

tel +39 050 2215410  

fax +39 050 2215537