DATE OF BIRTH 31 July 1961 (Lucca)

Educational Background 
1980 - Qualification of agronomist (high school)
1988 - Agriculture degree, University of Pisa; 
1988- Agronomist professional qualification 

Scientific affiliations 
Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (Società Italiana di Economia Agraria)
European Association of Agricultural Economics
Association of Environmental Analysts (Associazione Analisti Ambientali) 


Since 2005 - University of Pisa – Faculty of Engeneering
Associate Professor - Research and Teaching Activities

1991-2005 University of Pisa – Faculty of Agricultural Science
Senior Researcher - Research and Teaching Activities

1987-1991- Inspector of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Main issues of research: 

The scientific interests of Massimo Rovai can be summarised in the followings issues:
- Sustainable planning and management of the territory and rural areas.
- Evaluation of the environmental, natural anche agricultural resources; multicriteria analysis.
- Carriyng capacity analysis and environmental services evaluation of the rural areas.
- Geographic data analysis;
- The study of production agricultural systems at local level, and the analysis of the main factors affecting their evolution.

The analysis of the relationship between the farm and the external environment, focusing on the processes of diffusion of innovations and knowledge.
- The relationship between agriculture and environment, focusing on the identification of instruments for the evaluation of the agri-environmental performances at farm level. 
- The processes of rural development ant the role of the valorisation of the agricultural products on territorial basis.
- The assessment of the environmental and territorial resources.

Recent research projects:

2011-___ SOLINSA - Learning and Innovation Networks for sustainable agriculture - Research of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.
2011-____ FOODLINKS - Research of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.
2010-__ ARSIA research - Innovation and qualification of the floricultural products in Tuscany (Coord. Prof. A. Lenzi).
2010-__ - ARSIA research – The role of the farms to prevent the negetive effects of the hydraulic and hydro-geological disasters in the Tuscany mountain areas: the pubblic - private contracts.
2009-11 - REGIONE TOSCANA research – Capability Land: the measure of the Carrying Capacity and its application in the local planning.
2008-10 - ARSIA research - SOFILVU The use of the compost in agriculture: analysis of the effects on the agricultural soils and in the urban contexts and analysis of the organisation of the future supply-chain on the compost in Tuscany.
2008-09 - ARSIA research - MULTIDIM The evolution of the multifunctionality activities of the farms.
2006-07 - FONDAZIONE CASSA DI RiSPARMIO DI PISA - The protection and valorisation of the Lari's cherry (Pisa - Italy). 
2004-06 - ARSlA research - The organic zootechnics of the Tuscany. SWOT analysis of the technical, managerial and entrepreneurial situation for the valorization of the meat production (Coord. Prof. E. Salvini).
2005-06 - ARSlA research- The development of the seeds sectors of the Tuscany (Italy)
2005-06 - COFlN research - The significance of the forest on the strategic development of the mountains area of the Tuscany. 
2004-05 - COFIN research - Partecipative management and planning of the Landscape (Coord. Prof G. Brunori).
2003/2004 - MIUR Project Policies and models of sustainable management of the rural landscape in Tuscany and Ligury (Co-ordinator: Prof G. Brunori) 2003073982_005 07
2003 - ARSIA interdisciplinary project "BIOVIT" about Vegetal oil for the Tuscan industry (Co-ordinator: Prof. M. Mazzoncini).
2003 - research of the Scuola Superiore S. Anna about Monitoring of the agricultural activities in the S. Rossore Park. 

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