What we have done - Past projects

The Institute IRTA has always worked in projects through the collaboration with different entities like the European project in which IRTA Leonardo has collaborated with the National Park of Cinque Terre, or the regional project co-financed from the Tuscany Region, and others implemented through the contribution from different Provinces such as Pisa and Livorno, but also from banking foundations

European Projects

Paysage d'exception, paysage au quotidien. Une analyse comparative des sites viticoles européens du Patrimoine Mondial

Cooperative project with the French Minister concerning the Cinque Terre National Park

The CO2 NeutrAlp project

Project for which were created:

a) a study concerning the mobility through the use of ratchets on planted areas on terraces by using electric engines fueled by renewable energy sources;

b) Cinque Terre access card.


Project in which the Entity Parco was lead partner. In this project were involved ten wine-growing European territories included on the list of the UNESCO world heritage as cultural landscape. The purpose of the project was the study of public and private good policies in respect of the safeguard and development of cultural landscapes, with particular attention to the themes of environmental safeguard of wine-growing territories developed by the partners. Among the results there is the final draft and creation of European guidelines for the protection and enhancement of wine-growing cultural landscape, with particular attention to vineyard and risky areas. Moreover the Association created a database for the management and promotion of the Cinque Terre itinerary network, by using geo-referenced data and the integration of trails vector data and they have been organized according to the regional guideline for the trail network of Liguria. In addition, it was also created an alpha version of a webGIS of the itinerary network and applications for mobile devices and for the supply of Wi-Fi hotspot.

The MedPAN North project

The project relatively the protected marine areas of Mediterranean, in which a sample survey through questionnaire has been conducted relatively the Tourist satisfaction. Moreover have been created underwater itineraries and a pilot phase called Realizzazione di percorsi kayak (Creation of kayak itineraries) whose methodology has been submitted to a group of interest AMP during the Forum to the AMP of the Mediterranean in Antalya, in November 2012.

The COREM project

The strategic project (“Cooperation of the Mediterranean Ecologic Nets”) which was part of a cross-border cooperation program called “MARITTIMO” ITALY-FRANCE 2007-2013.

In this project, one of the most important point of discussion was the proposal for the overhaul of the environmental quality label of the Cinque Terre National Park, in addition to a work relatively the eco-tourism development. 

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Projects in collaboration with Tuscany Region

The Toponymy project

Review of the regional technical map through an accurate understanding of the Tuscany territory (“synchronic and historical study of the Tuscany toponymy and creation of a new digital archive with GIS applications”).


Project 50% co-financed by Tuscany Region, is a research based on memories of shepherds and on Transhumance phenomenon in Garfagnana, Lunigiana and Maremma Areas. Starting from this activity, it has been created a conference called “Voci della transumanza. Pastorizia, paesaggio e ambiente tra Appennino e Maremma” (Voices of the Trashumance. Grazing, landscape and environment between Appennines and Maremma). Recently have also been created georeferenced maps of the Transhumance itineraries which can represent the beginning for a touristic and cultural itinerary planning. There is also an e-books related to the Transhumance among Grafagnana, Lunigiana and Alta Maremma areas with reflections, history and photographs. Finally, it also has been created a documentary-video about practices and itineraries of the Transhumance, integrated with parts of interviews.

“Pisa e Maremma. Agricoltura, agriturismo e turismo rurale nelle aree interne” (Pisa and Maremma. Agriculture, agro-tourism and rural tourism in the internal areas)

A conference financed from the Tuscany Region as PRAF action (Agricultural and Forestry Regional Plan) concerning the “sustain to exploitation activities of agricultural products, of agro-food products of quality of the agro-forestry heritage, of the internal areas, of rural and mountain areas”, with the collaboration of the Provinces of Pisa, the Union of Municipalities of Colli Marittimi and the Municipality of Montescudaio. The meeting has collected experts, University Institutions and professors speeches, as well as historical, urban planners and economists which are interested on rural tourism in its different forms, starting from the most important: the agricultural.

Tourism History in San Vincenzo

Research on the tourism history in San Vincenzo which has led the creation of two volumes written by Rossano Pazzagli: Terra di mare. Le origini del turismo balneare a San Vincenzo and Mare di Gente. L'età del turismo di Massa a S. Vincenzo, with the collaboration of Nexmedia publishing company, and with a financing from the San Vincenzo Municipality (LI).    

The Mater Tosca project

Partecipation to the project of the Pensioners National Association Toscana Cia, for the creation of a testimony archive of the Territory and of the rural society. 

The Filanda di Forno

Project promoted by the Municipality of Massa aimed to recover, protect, exploit the Filanda di Forno, and to realize a list of the machineries and instruments currently present in the Filanda da Forno in order to create a Documentation Center for the research, collection and cataloguing of the materials concerning the Filanda. The results are collected in a volume.

The Sharecropping

International Conference on the sharecropping, held in the areas of Fiumi and Fossi, whose acts are published in the eighth volume of the collection "I libri di Leonardo" entitled Mezzadri e mezzadrie tra Toscana e Mediterraneo. Una prospettiva storica by G. Biagioli e R. Pazzagli.

The "Memorie al lavoro in Valdera" project


Progetto in collaborazione con l'Unione Valdera. Grazie a questo progetto sono state reperite, catalogate e rese pubblicamente fruibili le testimonianze dirette di esperienze lavorative svolte nel secolo scorso, narrate dalla viva voce dei protagonisti, e riferite ad attività presenti nella area geografica menzionata o in zone limitrofe. In particolare, sono state poi individuate 30 interviste di particolare valore e interesse per le quali sono state realizzate delle clip (di circa 5 minuti ciascuna), che possono essere viste sul sito.

Tutto il materiale (comprese le copie delle interviste in versione integrale) è stato messo a disposizione della Biblioteca Provinciale.

Soil and agricultural landscape

Researching activities linked to the soil exploitation, owner set-up and cartography representation, especially through the use of Gis techniques as instruments for the reconstruction of the landscape. Implementation of a GIS laboratory and installation of a webGIS application on the computer that can be used as server and way of deliver numerical cartography documents.

Sustainable Regions: the classification made from Leonardo-IRTA

Project related to Italian regions sustainability, in which the main available indicators are firstly described analytically and then summarized according to a composed index. It has been also created a new classification of the Regions aimed to update the analysis through recent data and then results are published in a volume edited by Tommaso Luzzati and Gianluca Gucciardi.

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