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The MAGMA project

Its goals are the development, communication, marketing and planning of events around the MAGMA Museum, the Cast Iron Art Museum in Follonica, Tuscan Maremma. The project will go on in 2018-1019.

The planning team

Leonardo-IRTA constantly looks for new opportunities of collaboration and fosters common projects among its partners. At present, active participants in the planning team are: the Centro Avanzi, the DESTEC and the Department of Economics at Pisa University, the Scuola S. Anna-Istituto di Scienze della Vita, the Istituto Sismondi and Area Europa.

For information please contact progettazione [ at ] leonardo - irta . it

The "PartecipArno" project

Recently, the Province of Pisa has entrusted IRTA-Leonardo with the task of developing cognitive tools to improve the use and governance of the local environment, and disseminating them through the project PartecipARNOThis regional project is aimed at designing a "Contratto di fiume dell'Arno" (Arno river agreement) for the area of the Province of Pisa, and includes several activities and the creation of a dedicated website.

The “Reconstruction of the hydrographic network and of the manufacturing textile mills, and sources recon of soil use by presenting surveys based on historical cartography and Tuscany property records of the 19th Century” project

A project  which pursues three objectives:

  • geo-referenced, implementation of alphanumeric information in a geo-database and study of watercourses (rivers, streams, etc.) which were in Tuscany Region during the first middle of the 19th century;

  • geo-referenced, implementation of alphanumeric information in a geo-database, and study of manufacturing textile mills, dedicated to both industrial activities and the transformation of agricultural products during the same period; 

  • feasibility test and research on costs for the vectorisation and creation of a database with presentation as example, and of a possible repeatable lens, of soil reconstruction use in Tuscany during past centuries, and during its evolution, through some past study cases. 

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